Dầu cắt gọt kim loại VALONA MS 5030 CL


Dầu cắt gọt kim loại Total VALONA MS 5030 CL

  •  Metal Working
  • Light coloured chlorine containing multi purpose cutting lubricant.

Báo giá và phương thức thanh toán.
Vui lòng gọi Mr Trí – 0938 454 638

Dầu cắt gọt kim loại Total VALONA MS 5030 CL

  •  Metal Working
  • Light coloured chlorine containing multi purpose cutting lubricant.


Mainly dedicated for CNC autolathe work on both ferrous and non-
ferrous alloys:
 Drilling
 Forming
 Threading
 Turning
 Reaming
 Cutting-off
 Tapping


CLIENT ADVANTAGES (Technical profile )

Low tendency to form oil mist
Light colour to provide high workpiece visibility
Reinforced unctuosity to ensure strong lubrication film
Fortified antirust properties to avoid corrosion of tools, parts and
High extreme pressure properties to eliminate the formation of built-up
edge (BUE) on tools




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Giá cả và phương thức thanh toán. Vui lòng gọi Mr Trí – 0938.454.638

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Bao bì: 208 Lit / phuy
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